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July 15, 2016


Hello, everyone, I hope you all are having a great day or evening where ever you are in the world!

My name is Lavontae Kendricks and I was introduced to MYFUELCUB.NET by Andre Hobson a good friend of mine I've known for many years right here in the city of Compton California. He told me about it and I instantly reviewed the information regarding the opportunity and I started this business the same day which was June 28, 2016!

Within three days I had completed my first CELL GROUP as I was hungry to see results and couple days later I received my payment of 123,000.00 SPURT! I was completely blown away and fell out of my chair seeing all those digits!!! From that point on I continued to study and review the material, it was so compelling and intriguing!

I couldn't believe Andre had led me to a gold mine of information in which it almost seemed almost too good to be true, nonetheless, I continued and believed! I spoke with Gary Holmes personally and he explained to me how everything would work with clarity. Just listening to Gary speak with confidence, conviction, wisdom, knowledge and with the sincerity he possessed I was convinced that all this was a true blessing from God! Especially after we had the webinar with Gary, my brother Lazarus Phillips and Andre Hobson. After the webinar, I was ready to rock 'n' roll again and nearly had my second cell group completed just a couple days later right before I met a young lady by the name of Caroline from Kenya Africa who is now a part of my third cell group.

I shared with her my story of how I completed my first cell group in three days and earned 123,250.00 SPURT on July 12 just a day before my birthday. I told her everything I knew and how it was a huge opportunity to be involved in. She listened and believed! This young lady was a star out the gates. I mean she is so motivated she got me pumped and excited! She did everything she was supposed to do with zero hesitation and got it all done in a matter of days! Now she has completed her first cell group and everyone that she told this opportunity to has been working and duplicating the process. This is just beyond huge, I see what God is manifesting and it's going to be big!! Starting with her country, I am so happy and proud of her! She then introduced this opportunity to her father and now they want to start their own community using SPURT in Kenya wow.... just simply amazing and incredible!!

This is just awesome, I truly believe that this is the hand of God as he is changing our lives around the world using SPURT, asset-backed digital currency. God is transitioning the way this world has been operating and is now putting the good people back in power, amen! I'm just elated and overwhelmed at what is taking place at this time. Also, I'm really excited about becoming a community leader and start my own community in my own home town right here in Compton and Lynwood California as well! Keep up the great work everyone, let’s change the world and make it a better place until the Lord God almighty returns!

Amen, blessings to all!!!