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January 9, 2017


It's real simple, choose the membership you want from the list below, log into your SPURT account, click on "PAY USER", place the membership amount in the SPURT "amount" box, pay to SPURT ACCOUNT 1243810, in the "DESCRIPTION" section put your name, the type of membership you are purchasing and then submit. Once you have completed the transfer, scan the receipt or email me the confirmation and send to and I will send you a "paid in full" receipt for your purchase, that it! Get'r done!


YOU NO LONGER NEED A BSWC ICC# IN ORDER TO SET UP YOUR SPURT ACCOUNT! All you have to do is fund your PAYPAL ACCOUNT with 50 Euros, complete your SPURT APPLICATION with your SPONSOR'S NAME and EMAIL, add BRIGHT STAR WORK CENTER (BSWC)AS YOUR WORK CENTER and submit your application to get your SPURT ACCOUNT set up! You will need a BSWC ICC# to exchange your SPURT to FRNs when you have the $6100.00 to do the TRANSFER AND ASSIGNMENT/RLOC/PN/IBOE PROTOCOL but that is not needed until you have lots of SPURT and have the funds ready to purchase the ADMIN FEE UAWS! This saves me and other ASSEMBLY LEADERS who issue ICC#sa lot of time and money! Everyone wins and you can get your SPURT ACCOUNT as soon as you have your PAYPAL account funded no ICC# required, no waiting! AWESOME! Tell yourASSEMBLY MEMBERSand CELL GROUP MEMBERS TODAY! For those of you who have an ICC# from BSWC ad you wish to pay for it with SPURT, you can do so when you have the 1000.00SPU available! Please send 1000.00SPU to SPURT ACCT# 101242372 in the PAY USER section of your SPURT ACCT. In the description section please put your name, your BSWC ICC#, email address and "payment in full" and contact me via Skype at garydouglas2015 and let me know you've paid and I will send you a paid in full receipt for your payment, thank you! Gary




I appreciate all the "active member’s” efforts and in that light, to serve you better, I am asking anyone who has earned SPURT by sponsoring new candidates into UCofC or MF&GC that you speed up your payroll receipt process by advising me via email ( that you have sponsored a new front line member/s and wish to be paid for same!

At present, the payroll process is done manually by me! Archaic I know, but I am working to integrate the SPURT PAY SYSTEM into the MF&GC back office but that has yet to happen so until it does I have to spend an hour or so each day scanning the downline for new member additions and it is very time-consuming! I’m so busy with all my duties with BSWC I sometimes miss a member here and there and that is not what I want! So the solution is simple, you tell me when you need to be paid, who for and I will pay you within 24-48 hours of the receipt of your pay request notification email! The responsibility is now with you to tell me I owe you SPURT for your sponsoring efforts! This way I don’t lose any time and can act quickly to pay you when notified! This is a solid simple solution until we get the back office automated. It takes time and money to do this and both are tight right now but that will change in the near future I’m confident of that!

So here’s what you put in the "PAY REQUEST NOTIFICATION EMAIL” (COPY & PASTE)

Hi Gary,

(Your first and last name)



Please be advised I have sponsored (# of) NEW 1ST LEVEL


(#) SECOND LEVEL MEMBERS under (names of Sponsors, list here)

Or ASSEMBLY (#) CELL GROUP (#) is ready for payment

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this payroll request

(Your name here)

That’s all there is to it, I will do the rest! This helps me help you and I won’t miss anyone that is on top of their ASSEMBLY and CELL GROUP downline’s growth! So let’s continue to work together to get the word out on our fabulous digital currency earnings opportunities!

Please make sure everyone you have sponsored is aware of this new SPURT UCofC-MFC PAYROLL PROTOCOL, THANK YOU!



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